Black pod resistance and chitinase activity

Rubiyo, one of the PMB Lab. alumnus, has recently published part of his dissertation research result. The following is information regarding the published journal:

Rubiyo, Agus Purwantara, and Sudarsono. 2010. Aktivitas kitinase dan peroksidase, kerapatan stomata serta ketahanan kakao terhadap penyakit busuk buah (Chitinase and peroxidase activities, stomatal density, and resistance of cocoa against black pod disease. Pelita Perkebunan 26(2): 104-114 (in Indonesian with English Abstract).


Correlation among leaves and pods stomatal densities, chitinase and peroxidase activities and resistance against Phytophthora palmivora infection was investigated to determine the existence of structural and biochemical resistance mechanisms in cacao. Observation of disease response was conducted at Plant Disease Lab. and Kaliwining Experiment Station of Indonesian Coffee and Cacao Research Institute (ICCRI), Jember, Indonesia during the period of June 2008 to Februari 2009. Measurenet of chitinase and peroxidase activities was conducted at Inter University Center, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), Bogor, Indonesia. Results of the experiment indicated that among ten cacao clones tested, there is no correlation among stomatal density of leaves and pods and resistance again P. palmivora infection. The density of stomata between resistance and susceptible clone was not significantly different. Significantly increased in chitinase activity was observed in P. palmivora infected cacao leaf extract of resistance clone than that of susceptible one. Although similar pattern was observed for peroxidase, its activity was very low in either healthy or P. palmivora infected cacao leaves’ extract. The increased in leaf chitinase activity in P. palmipora infected cacao leaves indicated involvement of this enzyme in cacao resistance against black pod disease.

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