Yossita Fiana of BPTP Kaltim Visited PMB Lab


Yosita Fiana of BPTP Kaltim visited PMB Lab

Yossita Fiana an MSc (S2) alumnus associated with PMB Lab., has stopped by PMB Lab on Tuesday April 19, 2011. She did biological seed treatments research for her Thesis under the supervision of Prof. Satriyas Ilyas (as chairman), Dr. Udin Sudinta Nugraha and Prof. Sudarsono (as members – of supervisory committee). She graduated from IPB in September 2010. “After graduation, I went back to BPTP Kaltim (East Kalimantan, Indonesia) and started to get involved with many BPTP activities,” she stated when asked about what has she been doing after graduated.

Currently, she actively involves in three different activities, such as a team member of: (1) UPBS (‘unit produksi benih sumber’), (2) Gernas Kakao Program (Cacao National Initiative Program), and (3) SLPTT (sekolah lapang pengendalian tanaman terpadu). “Those responsibilities have taken a lot of my time already, therefore, I have not had a chance to write the results of thesis research into scientific publications,” she repplied when she was asked about the follow up of her thesis research.

Prior to visiting PMB Lab, she has been visiting Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (AARD) in Jakarta for a coordination meeting regarding the recent outbreak of ‘Ulat Bulu’ (hairy caterpilar) in various places in Indonesia. In the meeting, each of BPTP office all over Indonesia was given three tasks regarding this matter, such as: (1) In case there is an outbreak in the location, BPTP scientist should coordinate with Balai Proteksi Tanaman Pangan dan Hortikultura (BPTPH) to identify the species, the level of infestation, and the infested host crops. (2) Develop an standard operating procedure (SOP) for handling the local outbreak of ‘Ulat Bulu’ and (3) report any collected data from local infestation to BP2TP. Anyone interested in any of those activity, please contact her directly at yossita_f@yahoo.com.

We at PMB lab wish Yossita Fiana good luck on your carreer at BPTP Kaltim. Do not hesitate to stop by PMB Lab anytime in the future and do not forget to published the results of your MSc. Thesis research.

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