Farid Hemon Visited PMB Lab

A. Farid Hemon – Lecturer of Department of Agronomy, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Mataram, Mataram and an alumni of PMB Lab has recently visited PMB Lab. He is in the process of pursuing his professorship and requiring external reviewers.

Prof. Sudarsono from IPB, Bogor and another professor from Brawijaya University (UB), Malang were selected to be the reviewers. Prof. Sudarsono has given a positive comments for his effort in getting the professorship. We wish him a success for the process.

A. Farid Hemon also informed PMB Lab that he has published a number of scientific journals written based on his dissertation research. The following are lists of his scientific publications:

  • Farid Hemon dan Sudarsono. 2010. Evaluation of somaclones of peanut plants regenerated from repeat cycling in vitro selection against drought stress. Jurnal Agronomi Indonesia 38(1):36-42. April 2010.
  • Farid Hemon. 2010. Production of peroxidase dan chitinase enzyme on peanut plant regenerated from somatik embrio selected repeatedly for resistance to fungus S. rolfsii infection. Prosiding. November 2010.
  • Farid Hemon. 2009. Ketahanan sejumlah galur kacang tanah hasil regenerasi embrio somatik  terhadap infeksi S. rolfsii. Agroteksos 19(3):115-121. Desember 2009.
  • Farid Hemon. 2009. Pertumbuhan tanaman kacang tanah hasil  seleksi in vitro pada media PEG terhadap cekaman larutan PEG. Crop Agro 2(1):1-7. Januari 2009.
  • Farid Hemon. 2009. Evaluation of peanut somaclones regenerated from double in vitro selection on PEG and S. rolfsii culture filtrate selective medium against drought stress and S. rolfsii infection. Prosiding. November 2009.
  • Farid Hemon, H. Aswidinnoor, dan Sudarsono. 2008. Tipe varian somaklonal populasi tanaman kacang tanah hasil seleksi in vitro berulang dan seleksi ganda. Eugenia 14(4):397-407. October 2008.
  • Farid Hemon. 2008. Variasi somaklonal kacang tanah hasil regenerasi dari embrio somatik yang berbeda umur kulturnya. Crop Agro 1(1):1-9. Januari 2008.
  • A. Farid Hemon, Widodo, Sudarsono. 2006. Seleksi in vitro berulang dan seleksi ganda serta identifikasi planlet kacang tanah insensitif cekaman akibat penambahan filtrat kultur S. rolfsii dan PEG. Agrotropika XI(1):23-32. Januari 2006.

A. Farid Hemon also informed PMB Lab that he followed up his PhD research by proposing research project to Ministry of National Education, Republic of Indonesia. He has successfully obtained the funding and implemented the project. Based on this reseacrh project, he has published a number of scientific journals. The following are lists of his scientific publications.

  • Wahyu Astiko dan  A. Farid Hemon. 2010. Efektivitas filtrat kultur dan identifikasi somatik embrio dan kecambah kacang tanah cv. lokal Bima pada filtrat kultur cendawan Fusarium sp. Crop Agro 3(2):147-153. Juli 2010.
  • A. Farid Hemon, Sukyawati, Lestari Ujianto. 2009. Pertumbuhan dan hasil galur kacang tanah varian somaklonal yag diberi pupuk nitrogen pada kondisi stres kekeringan. Crop Agro 2(2):96-101. Juli 2009.
  • Sumarjan dan A. Farid Hemon. 2009. Efektivitas PEG dan manitol sebagai agens penyeleksi in vitro untuk cekaman kekeringan terhadap pertumbuhan embrio somatik kacang tanah. Crop Agro 2(1):30-36. Januari 2009.
  • Farid Hemon. 2008. Teknologi peningkatan produksi kacang-kacangan untuk agroindustri dan ketahanan pangan. Prosiding. Februari 2008.

If you interested in any of the publication or of Farid Hemon activities may contact him at faridhemon_1963@yahoo.com.

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