Darmawan’s Disertation – Chapter 1

Darmawan Saptadi of Brawidjaja University (UB) has recently finished writing the first chapter of his dissertation research. This chapter is currently in the process of being submitted to the Journal Penelitian Tanaman Industri (Jurnal Littri).

The following is the abstract of the first chapter of Darmawan’s dissertation.


(Development of Simple Sequence Repeat Markers for Jatropha spp.)

Darmawan Saptadi1, Rr. Sri Hartati2, Asep Setiawan3, Bambang Heliyanto4, Sudarsono3*


Breeding of physic nut (Jatropha curcas L.) to obtain new varieties that were high yielding and high oil content need to be conducted. Molecular marker could be used to assist breeding of physic nut (J. curcas). Simple sequence repeat (SSR) marker is a co-dominant marker and theoretically it could be used to support physic nut breeding program. However, only limited information were available regarding molecular analysis of physic nut. The objectives of this research were: (i) to design SSR spesifik primer based on DNA sequences available in the GenBank DNA Database and (ii) to evaluate effectiveness of the primer pairs to produce polymorphic SSR markers for J. curcas and J. multifida. Twenty eight primer pairs were designed and developed using physic nut DNA available in the GenBank DNA Database. Total genomik DNA isolated from J. curcas and J. multifida could be used as DNA templates for PCR amplification. The 28 primer pairs developed in this research yielded SSR marker using J. curcas genomic DNA, while only 19 out of 28 primer pairs developed yielded SSR markers using J. multifida genomic DNA. As many as 44 aleles with the size of amplified products ranged from 100 bp – 360 bp were identified. Thirty five aleles (79.5%) out of 44 identified ones were polimorphic. Results of analysis indicated that identified SSR markers generated using the designed primers were not polymorphic intra accession of J. curcas nor intra-accession of J. multifida. However, the generated SSR markers were polymorphic for inter-accession of the two Jathropa species. Since the generated markers were only polimorphic for J. curcas and J. integrima, they could be used as marker for identifying interspecific F1 hybrids derived from crossing between J. curcas and J. integrima.

Keywords: Physic nut, Jatropha curcas L., J. multifida, DNA repeat sequence, Primer design

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