Renni’s Disertation – Chapter 1

Reni Indrayanti of State University of Jakarta (UNJ) has recently finished writing the first chapter of her dissertation research. This chapter is currently in the process of being published in the Indonesian Journal of Agronomy (Jurnal Agronomi Indonesia).

The following is the abstract of the first chapter of Reni’s dissertation.

Radiosensitivitas Pisang cv. Ampyang dan Potensi Penggunaan Iradiasi Gamma untuk Induksi Varian (Radiosensitivity of Banana cv. Ampyang and Potential Application of Gamma Irradiation for Variant Induction)

Reni Indrayanti, Nurhayati A. Mattjik, Asep Setiawan, dan Sudarsono

ABSTRACT. The objectives of this research were (1) to determine radiosensitivity of Musa spp. cv. Ampyang against gamma irradiation; (2) to determine the LD50 of the iradiation treatment; and (3) to evaluate performance of plantlets regenerated from gamma iradiated explants of Musa spp. cv. Ampyang. Explants of Musa spp. cv. Ampyang were exposed to gamma irradiation at 0, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, and 50 Gy. The explants were then proliferated in vitro and plantlets were regenerated. Growth and development of the regenerated plantlets were recorded after 10 months of proliferation and regeneration period. The CurveExpert ver. 1.4 analysis results indicated that lethal doses reducing 20% to 50% of shoot proliferation (LD20-50) were 51.07-64.54 Gy. Irradiation treatments reduced the ability of banana shoots to regenerate roots. Regenerated plantlets from iradiated explants also showed less plantlet fresh weight and height than the control one. Plantlets regenerated from explants irradiated with 25, 40, 50 Gy have longer leaves than the control. The regenerated plantlets from gamma irradiation treatments were successfully transferred into soil and they would be used to evaluate the existence of variants among regenerated plants.

Key Words: Radiosensitivity, Induced Mutation, Lethal dose (LD20-50)


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