Dini Dinarti – News from Beltsvile, Maryland – 1

Dini Dinarti, an alumnus of PMB Lab. has recently went to Maryland, USA for a three months training in cacao biotechnology. She will be in the USA until the end of July, 2011. During those period, Dini Dinarty will work at the Sustainable and Perennial Crops Laboratory (SPCL), USDA-ARS, Belstville, Maryland.
Dini said that it took her a couple of days to settle and finish administrative matters before she start working at the SPCL. The major things she need to have include: ID Card with electronic access to the lab building, internet access and computer facilities, and library access.
Dini also noted that she will be working under Dr Dapeng Zhang – a cacao research staff of SPCL, USDA-ARS. She has discussed with Dr. Zhang about her research objectives during her stay at SPCL, USDA-ARS. She brought with her at least 120 cacao leaf samples originated from Farmers’ Participatory Selection of Cacao Clones from Sulawesi.
After thorough discussions, it was decided that Dini would do the following for her research activities at SPCL, USDA-ARS: conduct DNA fingerprinting, access relationship among genotypes, select on the sub-set of the genotypes and identify the cacao types of the selected genotypes based on molecular markers data. To help her answer all of those questions, she will use simple sequence repeat (SSR) marker (for selected samples) and single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) marker (for all samples). She would be doing SSR marker analysis at the SPCL, USDA-ARS, but would conduct the SNP analysis at the University of Wahington, USA.
Dr Zhang expects Dini would do well on her training and research activities. At the end of her training period, Dini will make poster and or oral presentation in a Molecular Biology scientific meeting at Washington, DC.
All PMB Lab staffs and associated graduate students wish Dini Dinarty success in her training at USDA-ARS, Beltsvile, Maryland, USA. We hope that she will have a good research results and succeed in her plans to present her results in scientific meeting.

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