Obituary: Dr Aris Munandar’s Wife Passed Away

Tuesday June 14, 2011 was a sad day for Faculty of Agriculture staffs and especially for Deputy Dean of Faculty of Agriculture (Dr. Aris Munandar  – an S3 alumnus associated with PMB Lab). At about 00.30, June 14, 2011, ibu Eni Yuliantini – the beloved wife of Dr. Aris Munandar has passed away. Before that, she has been under hospital care at RS. Marzoeki Mahdi for some health problems.

All PMB staffs and associated graduate students send our condolences and deep sorrow for this sad news. We hope that Alloh SWT will put her in the best place beside him and we pray for best wishes to all the families left behind. We say good-bye to ibu Eni Yuliantini and may Alloh SWT be with you in your long journey.

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