Agustiyansyah: First PhD Graduate of Seed Science & Technology Major

Agustiyansyah Final PhD Exam

Agustiyansyah & the Team of Examiners for his Final PhD Exam after examination

“Today (July 5, 2011), the first PhD graduate of Seed Science and Technology Major, Graduate School of IPB finally succeeded in his final PhD examination,” that is one of the many remarks Prof. Satriyas Ilyas had made after Agustiyansyah passed his final PhD examination. Agustiyansyah was the first PhD student graduated from Seed Science and Technology Major, Graduate School of IPB. Prof. Satriyas Ilyas was the chairman of Agustiyansyah’s PhD advisory committees.

In addition to Prof. Satriyas Ilyas, the member of Agustiyansyah’s PhD advisory committees were Prof. Sudarsono of PMB Lab, IPB and Dr. Mahmud of BB. Biogen, Bogor. Acted as examiners out of advisory committees are Prof. Hasriadi Mat Akin (also a PhD [S3] alumnus of PMB Lab), Vice Rector of University of Lampung (UNILA) and Dr. Memen Surahman of Department of Agronomy and Horticulture, IPB. The final PhD examination was also attended by representative of Seed Science and Technology Major (Dr. Eni Widayati) and the newly appointed dean of Faculty of Agriculture, IPB (Prof. Ernan Rustiadi).

Agustiyansyah succeeded in defending his dissertation research entitle “Seed treatments to improve plant growth, rice yield and seed quality; to control bacterial leaf blight; and to cut phosphate fertilizer uses.” before the team of PhD final examiners. As soon as he fulfills  the necessary administrative and academic requirements, he will bear a PhD degree.

All PMB Lab Staffs and associated students congratulate Agustiyansyah for his success in defending his PhD dissertation before the team of PhD examiners. We hope that he will be able to complete the suggested revisions for his dissertation as soon as possible and return to his duty at Seed Science and Technology Lab, Department of Agronomy, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Lampung (UNILA). We also hope his success in whatever place he will be assigned at UNILA.

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