KKP3T Kopyor Coconut Research Team Visited Kopyor Coconut Production Area in Sumenep, Madura

While participating in the ISNAR C2FS 2011, the KKP3T Kopyor Team Research (Ismail Maskromo and Prof. Sudarsono) made the time to visit Sumenep, Madura. Sumenep is known as one of the central Kopyor coconut production areas in East Java.

The purposes of this visit were to survey the Kopyor coconut populations in Sumenep – Madura, to record the GPS positions of the Kopyor coconut provenances, to get Kopyor coconut leaf samples for genetic diversity analysis, Kopyor coconut fruits for zygotic embryo rescue (tissue culture) and endosperm diversity observation, and Kopyor coconut seedlings for ex situ conservation purposes.

Only limited Kopyor coconut growing areas were visited because of the time limitation. The Kopyor coconuts grown in Sumenep were the Tall Kopyor coconut type. There was no Dwarf Kopyor coconut type existed in Sumenep.

One remark the KKP3T Kopyor Coconut Team Research observed, the Sumenep Kopyor coconut farmer was not as open to Kopyor Coconut Team Research inquiries as that in Pati, Lampung, and Jember. The Kopyor Coconut Team Research was unable to get much information about Kopyor coconut populations in the region.

From Sumenep-Madura, East Java, the Team Research brought back to Bogor about 50 Kopyor coconut fruits, 6 heterozygote Kopyor coconut seedlings, a dozen of leaf samples, and a number of pollen samples from selected Kopyor coconut provenance. These samples will be used for a number of experiments, either in Pati, Central Java (controlled polinations) and in IPB, Bogor (diversity analysis and ex situ conservation).

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