Prof. Jürgen Braun of Germany Stopped By PMB Lab

Prof. Braun visited PMB Lab

Prof. Jürgen Braun of Fachhochschule Südwestfalen, University of Applied Sciences has stopped by PMB Lab.

Prof. Jürgen Braun of Fachhochschule Südwestfalen, University of Applied Sciences has stopped by PMB Lab. Prof. Braun is an Agricultural Economics in the Department of Agriculture and Dean in that University. He was accompanied by Mr. Irvan S. Kartawiria, ST.MSc. who is Dean of Faculty of Life Sciences, Swiss German University (SGU) – Asia. Prof. Braun and Mr. Kartawiria visited IPB to explore possible future collaborative activities about agriculture in general and especially in the areas of developing double degree between IPB and the Germany counterpart.

During his visit to IPB, Prof. Braun has discussed with Head of Department of Agronomy and Horticulture (Dept. AGH), Faculty of Agriculture, IPB about the potential collaborative activities. Furthermore, while at the Dept. AGH, Prof. Braun and his colleagues stopped by PMB Lab. and had a short discussion with Prof. Sudarsono about PMB Lab activities. Prof. Sudarsono explained that PMB Lab function is supporting thesis and dissertation research for MSc. and PhD students associated with Plant Breeding and Biotechnology Major, at Agronomy Graduate Study Program, coordinated by Dept. AGH.

Prof. Sudarsono mentioned that: “PMB Lab research interests include applying cellular and molecular approaches to support breeding activities of various tropical crops.” In response to that, Prof. Braun commented that “Even though I am an agricultural economics, there are a number of faculty staffs in my university who may work in the same area as yours. They may be interested to discuss with you about the possible common interest.”

PMB Lab staffs and associated graduate students wish Prof. Braun has a nice stay during his visit in Indonesia. We hope that there will be other visits and there are many common interests between PMB Lab and his university staffs so that possible future collaborations may arise from this first short visit.

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