Syamsuddin of Unsyiah, Darrusalam-Banda Aceh Visited PMB Lab

Syamsuddin - PMB Lab Alumnus

Syamsuddin - an alumnus of PMB Lab from Unsyiah, Darrusalam-Banda Aceh, is currently investigating P. capsici in tomato and its control using rhizobacteria

Syamsuddin – Lecturer of Department of Agronomy, Faculty of Agriculture, Syiah Kuala University (Unsyiah), Darussalam-Banda Aceh and an alumnus of PMB Lab has recently visited PMB Lab. He visited Bogor for one week to conduct small research activities at Dr. Diah Manohara lab. of Balitbiogen. In Dr Manohara’s lab., Syamsuddin tried to isolate Phytophthora capsici from ssupected of P. capsici infected tomatto samples from Nangroe Aceh Darussalam (NAD).

While working in Dr. Manohara’s lab, Syamsuddin visited PMB Lab and discussed a number of businesses with Prof. Sudarsono. The topics discussed include the publication of his PhD dissertation research, publication about ITS sequences of P. capsici and their submission into GenBank DNA Databases. He reported that he has not been able to published any of his PhD dissertation research yet.

Syamsuddin also informed PMB Lab that he has successfully secured research funding for 2011 under the Hibah Bersaing scheme from Ministry of National Education. This supported research is an extended research topic associated with his PhD dissertation research. It is about Phytophthora capsici infection and its biological control in tomato.

Syamsuddin has conducted his PhD dissertation research at PMB Lab under the supervision of Prof. Satriyas Ilyas, Prof. Sudarsono, and Dr. Diah Manohara. He has investigated P. capsici infection and its control in hot pepper for his PhD disertation research. He has isolated a number of local isolates of P. capsici from hot pepper and identify them based on their ITS sequences. He also isolated a number of rhizobacteria from rhizosfer of the healthy hot pepper plants and used the isolated rhizobacteria for controlling P. capsici infection in hot pepper.

PMB Lab staffs and associated graduate students wish Syamsuddin success in his career as lecturer at Unsyiah. We also wish that his Hibah Bersaing research will also be successful.

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