Scientists from Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences – Coconut Research Institute Visit PMB Lab

Two scientists from Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences – Coconut Research Institute (CATAS – CRI), China have visited Department of Agronomy and Horticulture (AGH), Faculty of Agriculture, IPB, Bogor-INDONESIA. The two scientists were Prof. Songlin Zhao, the Director of CATAS – CRI and Dr. Cao Hongxing, Associate Professor and scientist from CATAS – CRI. The two scientists, accompanied by Mr. Marzuki Chen of PT Pacific Eastern Coconut Utama, visited Department AGH in September 26, 2011.

Scientific presentations were organized during their visit to Department AGH by Dr. Cao (CATAS CRI) and by Prof. Sudarsono (IPB). Dr. Cao presented an overview of CATAS – CRI, entitle: “Overview of Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences – Coconut Research Institute (CATAS – CRI), China” while Prof. Sudarsono presented a summary of Department of AGH research interest in coconut and oil palm, entitle: “Coconut and Oil Palm Research at Department of Agronomy and Horticulture, IPB, Bogor-Indonesia.” A number of graduate students (S2 and S3) who were interested in coconut and oil palm research attended the presentations. The session was closed by exchanged of souvenir between Head of the Department of AGH (Dr. Agus Purwito) and Director of CATAS – CRI (Prof. Songlin Zhao).

Follow up discussion was conducted among CATAS – CRI representatives and staffs of Department of AGH (Prof. Sudarsono and Dr. Dewi Sukma) after scientific presentations. Ir. Ismail Maskromo, MSi., the researcher from Coconut and Other Palms Research Institute (BALITKA), Manado – who is pursuing his PhD degree at PMB Lab, Department of AGH, IPB, was also invited in the discussion session. Topics of the discussion were: (1) Exploring the type of collaborative research activities that can be pursued among CATAS-CRI, Dept. AGH, IPB, and BALITKA, (2) Possible scientific exchanges among the three institutions, and (3) Possible PhD student visit to CATAS-CRI for supporting dissertation research activities.

As conclusions of the discussion, the following targets were agreeable to all participating parties: (1) The IPB participants were expected to draft Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) document as basis of the common interest in pursuing collaborative activities among the three institutions, (2) All parties should inform the respective institutions regarding the interest and consolidate the necessary means possible in order to establish the cooperation further, and (3) In the short time, Dept. AGH and BALITKA Staffs will be invited for a return visit to CATAS – CRI to further discuss collaboration as soon as the time possible.

After all the business matters were completed, Prof. Zhao, Dr. Cao, and Mr. Chen stop by PMB Lab for a short visit. Prof. Sudarsono explain his activities in PMB Lab, especially those related to coconut and oil palm research. After taking a number of photographs, the visitors left to visit Balitbiogen, Bogor and to Jakarta for other business.

All PMB Lab staffs and associated graduate students wish Prof. Zhao and Dr. Cao would have a nice stay in Indonesia. We hope that their visit to IPB would be fruitful and contribute for the closer collaboration among CATAS – CRI, Dept. AGH, and BALITKA in the future.

About PMB Lab: Prof. Sudarsono

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