Visit to Ambon – Seeing Amsterdam Fortress (Benteng Amsterdam)

Benteng Amsterdam” (Amsterdam Fortress) is one of the historical remains existed in Ambon, Moluccas. Amsterdam Fortress was built by VOC, the Netherland – who occupied the regions for their famous spices (nutmegs and cloves). Amsterdam Fortress was built-in 1642 by Gerard Demmer. The fortress was enlarged by Arnold de Vlaming van Ouds Hoorn in 1649-1655.

The fortress was renovated by Ministry of Education and Culture – Republic of Indonesia, Molucca Province in Juli 1991-March 1994. The fortress building consisted of two stories, connected by almost vertical stairs (Note: be really careful when going down from the second to the first story because of this steep stair). The ocean views from the second story are very beautiful.

Outside the fortress, there is a well that still has water. Although it is only a few meters from the beach, the water in the well is a fresh water. The soldiers might have use this well for fresh water supplies.

Close to the fortress, there is the oldest (the first) church in Ambon. The church building is in the form of traditional architecture and maintained that way until now.

Here are a few snapshots (slides) of the Amsterdam Fortress in Ambon, Moluccas:


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