Propagation Technology and In Vitro Shallot Micro-bulb Induction

“Teknologi Perbanyakan dan Induksi Umbi Lapis Mikro Bawang Merah secara In Vitro”

Abstract of PhD Disertation Seminar

Diny Dinarti, Bambang S. Purwoko, Agus Purwito, and Anas D. Susila

The objectives of this research were to evaluate some factors affecting shallot micro-bulb induction and to get good quality seedlings. Four experiments were conducted, such as: (1) Effects of bulb storage as a source of explants on shallot micro shoots production, (2) Effects of culture room temperature, sucrose, paclobutrazol on shallot micro-bulb induction and development, and (3) acclimatization  of shallot micro bulb.

Bulb storage significantly affected number of micro shoots and number of green leaves, leaf senescence, and number of roots. The best explant for shallot micro shoot production was obtained by storing shallot bulb for two months. Temperature of culture room at 30 C significantly increase micro bulb diameter at end and ratio between width-end bulb diameter. Shallot micro-bulbs were produced on high concentration of sucrose (60-150 g/l) at 30 C. Increased of sucrose from 60 to 150 g/l inhibited plant height, number of green and senescence leaves, number ad length of roots. Increase of paclobutrazol concentration from 0.1 to 10 mg/l significantly inhibited shoots and roots growth but increased bulb width at paclobutrazol 10 mg/l. Addition of paclobutrazol did not gave different results on shallot micro-bulb production as compared to that of sucrose treatments. Shallot micro-bulb anatomy is the same as that of field grown one. Three weeks after acclimatization, there were 56% of shallot micro-bulb survived. Seedling growth was indicated by emmergence of new leaves and increase in plant height.

Keywords: Allium ascalonicum, micropropagation, explant age, temperature, growth retandant, sucrose, acclimatization

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