Renni Indrayanti of UNJ-Jakarta Passed Her Closed PhD Exam

Renni of UNJ Jakarta

Renni Indrayanti and her Mutant - Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. cubense (Foc) resistance Banana cv. Ampyang (Musa spp., AAA). The mutants were obtained after gamma irradiation and in vitro selection using Foc culture filtrate.

After answering some inquiries and confirmations from seven members of team examiners, Renni Indrayanti has finally passed her closed PhD examination (first phase of final PhD exam). Renni Indrayanti had to defend her PhD dissertation before three advisory committees (Prof. Sudarsono [chairman], Prof. Nurhayati A.A.Mattjik [member], Dr. Asep Setiawan [member]), two examiners (Dr. Endang Nurhayati [Dept. of Fitopathology]. and Dr Sintho Wahyuning Ardhi [Dept. AGH]), representatives from Agronomy Graduate Program (Prof. Munif Ghulamahdi) and from Department of Agronomy and Horticulture (Dr. Agus Purwito).

Renni Indrayanti is one step closer in getting her PhD degree from IPB. However, she has to do a minor revision for her PhD dissertation document before she will be allowed to take her open PhD exam (second phase of final PhD examination). She has one month to revise the dissertation document and hopefully will be able to take his open PhD exam in November 2011. We hope that she will be able to complete the suggested revision for her dissertation as soon as possible and get it ready for the last step. All PMB Lab staffs and associated students congratulate Renni Indrayanti for her success.

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