SGRO-IPB Oil Palm Research – Tinche’s (MSc/S2 Students) Field and Molecular Lab Orientation Visit Update

Virescent fruits

Sampoerna Agro - oil palm variety having virescent fruit character - desirable unique character in oil palm fruit

Tinche, an S2 (MSc) student from Plant Breeding and Biotechnology Major and S2 (MSc) student associated with PMB Lab. has visited Sampoerna Agro (SGRO) Molecular Lab and Surya Adi – Oil Palm field station in Palembang. The following information are her first update reporting the progress of her orientation visit to Palembang.

During her stay in Palembang, she has done a number of activities, including:

  1. Surya Adi – Oil Palm field station to collect leaf samples from trees exhibiting virescens (Vir) fruit character and Nigrescens one.
  2. Isolate DNA from collected leaf samples at SGRO Molecular Lab in Palembang
  3. Do preliminary PCR using isolated DNA from collected leaf samples at SGRO Molecular Lab in Palembang

From her field activity, she was able to collect 15 oil palm provenances having virescens fruit characters and 25 provenances having nigrescens fruit characters. She also collected eight samples with unknown fruit characters because the tree have not produced fruits yet.

She also has been able to isolate DNA from collected oil palm leaf samples. Based on the electropherogram of the DNA samples on agarose gel that she sent to PMB Lab, the quality of isolated DNA were very good. However, a few samples may need re-isolation because the DNA yields were quite low.

The trial amplification by PCR using single SSR primer and isolated DNA as template also produced positive PCR product. Such results indicated that the quality of isolated DNAs were good enough for template of PCR.

Tinche also send us some pictures of her activities in Palembang to illustrate what she has accomplished during her visit. Once the necessary tasks during her orientation in Palembang are completed, she will further the activities to complete data collections needed for writing her MSc thesis document.

All PMB Lab staffs and associated graduate students wish Tinche a very productive visit to Palembang. We hope that she will complete all the tasks she is supposed to during her visit to Palembang.

The followings are snapshots/slides from Tinche’s activities during SGRO orientation in Palembang:

About PMB Lab: Prof. Sudarsono

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