UPDATE: Keynote Speech at Perhorti Seminar, Lembang – Bandung

Perhorti 2011

Undangan bagi kolega-kolega pemerhati Hortikultura di Indonesia untuk menghadiri Seminar Perhorti di Balitsa, Lembang-Bandung pada tanggal 23-24 November 2011.

Today November 23, 2011 – Seminar organized by the Indonesian Horticulture Association (Perhorti) has started. Dr. Yusdar Hilman – Director of Central Research and Development of Horticulture, Republic of Indonesia has opened the Perhorti seminar.

The seminar organizer has appointed Dr. Bayu Krisnamurthi – Deputy Ministry of Trade, Republic of Indonesia to deliver keynote speech to the seminar participants. There were three important points in Dr. Krisnamurthi’s speech. The three points were:

  1. Indonesia is currently importing a lot of fruit products from other countries. A number of stake holders have complained about this conditions. Dr. Krisnamurthi stated we can not just complain about this conditions. Indonesian scientists need to improve quality of Indonesian fruits. With such quality improvement, Indonesian fruits should be able to compete with imported one.
  2. With regard to trade barrier, Dr. Krisnamurthi suggests that Indonesia should adopt “mirror policy.” Any country who pose certain trade barriers against exported horticulture products from Indonesia, then Indonesia should response with similar barriers against imported products from that country.
  3. Dr. Krisnamurthi also challenged scientists working with horticultural products to be able to create added values through their research output. Examples of added values are: Products that have (a) better taste, (b) better quality, and (c) more nutritious than those now available in the market.

Following Dr. Krisnamurthi’s keynote speech, plenary session consisted of three presentation and six parallel sessions were organized. The three plenary presentations were:

  1. Roadmap and development of horticulture product to fulfill domestic and export market (by Dr.Ir. Winny D. Wibawa – Kepala Biro Perencanaan, Kementrian Pertanian).
  2. Opportunity and challenge of Indonesian horticulture products in the global market (by Ir. Hasan Johny Widjaja – Asosiasi Eksportir).
  3. Increasing added value to improve competitiveness of Indonesian Horticultural Product in the global market (by Prof. Endang Gumbira Sa’id)

While in the parallel presentation, at least 90 research results were presented by participants from various institutions. The first day Perhorti Seminar was close by announcement from Perhorti officials about the association matters.

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