Evaluation of Phenotypic Variability among Gamma Iradiated Banana cv. Ampyang Plants Grown in the Glasshouse

Reni Indrayanti

Reni Indrayanti, one of PhD (S3) candidate at PMB Lab, was presenting her research results in phenotypic evaluation at glasshouse of gamma irradiated banana cv. Ampyang.

(Evaluasi Keragaman Fenotipik di Rumah Kaca untuk Pisang cv. Ampyang Hasil Iradiasi Gamma)

Reni Indrayanti1,2, Nurhayati AA. Mattjik2, Asep Setiawan2, dan Sudarsono2

2 Jurusan Biologi, Fakultas MIPA, Universitas Negeri Jakarta (UNJ), Jl. Pemuda No. 10, Rawamangun. Jakarta 13220, Indonesia. Email: reni_yanti@yahoo.com.
1 PMB Lab, Bagian Bioteknologi, Departemen Agronomi dan Hortikulturam Fakultas Pertanian (IPB), Jl. Meranti – Kampus IPB Darmaga, Bogor 16680, Indonesia. Email: s_sudarsono@ymail.com.


Banana and plaintain (Musa spp.) are important food crops for food security. To widen banana genetic diversity is a difficult task because most of edible banana are either triploid, male sterile and parthenocarp. Therefore, conventional breeding approach for this crop is difficult. The objectives of this research were to characterize and evaluate phenotype diversities of Pisang cv. Ampyang (Musa acuminata, AAA) plants, in vitro regenerated from gamma irradiated plantlets. The phenotypes (both quantitative and qualitative characters) were evaluated when the plantlets were at six months after acclimatization. Results indicated banana plants regenerated from gamma irradiated explants to exhibit lower plant height, shorter leaf and leaf length by leaf width ratio than that from non-irradiated ones. Populations of banana cv. Ampyang gamma irradiated at 30, 40, 45 and 50 Gy showed wider variation in qualitative characters than that treated with 0 Gy. Banana cv. Ampyang originated from explants treated with 0 Gy showed similar stomatal density than that from explants treated with 45 and 50 Gy. On the other hand, those originated from explants treated with 20, 25, 30, or 40 Gy showed lower stomatal densities than that treated with 0 Gy. Based on these results, gamma irradiation followed by in vitro proliferation could induce phenotypic variation among regenerated plantlets of banana cv. Ampyang.

Keywords: Musa acuminata (AAA), stomatal density, dose of gamma irradiation.


This paper was presented at: 2011 Indonesian Horticulture Society (Perhimpunan Hortikultura Indonesia [PERHORTI] Seminar, Lembang. Bandung – 23-24 November 2011.


About PMB Lab: Prof. Sudarsono

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