Interested in GENOMIC STUDY? Come to IPB-BIOTROP Regional Seminar “Advances in Tropical Genomics: Conservation and Sustainable Utilization of Tropical Biodiversity”

Genomic Seminar

IPB Offers a Set of Activities including Pre-Seminar Training, Regional Seminar, aNd Workshop in Tropical Genomic. It will discuss the frontier in genomic researches and their impact in tropical agriculture.

Want to know what is Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)? Want to know what are NGS data look like and how to handle them? Want to know what are the potential use of NGS data? If one of the answer to those question is “YES,” then you should pay attention to a set of activities offered by IPB including pre-seminar training, Regional Seminar and Workshop on ‘Tropical Genomic.’

The following are parts of information taken from IPB genomic workshop website:

The workshop is aimed at creating a forum for further discussions and planning a mutually and complementary research agenda among institutions involved. Indonesia as one of the center of tropical mega-diversity, selecting one species as model organism among hundreds of existing organisms is very trivial. Especially for Indonesia, there will be 3 Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) machines, of which their operation costs will be too expensive to bear by one single institution. Such situation needs a workshop to form a consortium for genomic approach on tropical biodiversity research in Indonesia.

For further and detail information, please visit the website through the following links:

  1. Link to paticipate in “Pre-Seminar Training” – training about NGS data and their analysis (date: 19 Desember 2011)
  2. Link to paticipate in Tropical Genomic Regional Seminar and Workshop (date: 20-21 Desember 2011)

To colleagues who work with genomics or interested in knowing this topics, you are invited to join the regional seminar and workshop. See you in the IPB Genomic Regional Seminar.

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