Fetrina Oktaviani: Biotechnology Major-S2 alumnus Visited PMB Lab

Fetrina Oktavia

Fetrina Oktaviani of Sembawa Rubber Research Institute visited PMB Lab. She was an MSc./S2 alumnus associated with PMB Lab.

Fetrina Oktaviani, an MSc/S2 alumnus associated with PMB Lab has visited PMB Lab on December 13, 2011. She plans to enroll into PhD/S3 program at Plant Breeding and Biotechnology Major, School of Gradate Studies, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) in the year 2012.

Fetrina Oktavia

Fetrina Oktaviani (left) and Prof. Sudarsono (right). The photo was taken during her visit to PMB Lab. to discuss PhD/S3 dissertation research topics for her plan studies at PBT Major, School of Graduate Studies, IPB-Bogor

The purpose of her visit to PMB Lab was to discuss with Prof. Sudarsono about her plans PhD research program. She wants to investigate the resistance against Corrynospora spp. in rubber. The Corrynospora spp. is fungal pathogen causing leaf disease in rubber. Fetrina intends to develop better understanding on resistance against this pathogens in rubber by developing molecular markers associated with the resistance gene(s).

Prof. Sudarsono suggest he to take the “By Research” route for her PhD program. By enrolling the “By Research” route, she will have plenty of time to develop research activities for her PhD/S3 dissertation.

Currently, she is in the process of making F1 crosses among resistance parent with some less resistance clones and evaluate genetic distance among resistance and more susceptible clones of rubber using SSR markers. Once  sets of F1 progeny arrays are generated and genetic distance among parents are determined, desired F1 array will be selected and used as mapping population for generating linkage analysis among a number of SSR loci.

Subsequently, the selected F1 array will also be challenged with Corynospora spp. to determine the response of the individuals in the selected F1 array against the pathogen. Association mapping will be conducted using co-segregation among markers and resistance response of the evaluated F1 arrays. The target of her research is identifying markers associated with QTL for resistance against Corrynospora spp.

Fetrina Oktaviani took her MSc/S2 degree in the Biotechnology Major, School of Graduate Program, IPB. Prof. Sudarsono was the chairman and Dr. Siswanto – the member of her MSc/S2 supervisory committee. She completed her MSc/S2 degree in 2004. Her MSc/S2 thesis was “introduction of chitinase gene and genetic engineering of coffee (Introduksi gen chitinase dan rekayasa genetika tanaman kopi).”

After her graduation, she worked for a year at Biotechnology Research Institute for Estate Crops (BRIEC), Bogor. Since 2006 up to now, she has joined Sembawa Rubber Research Institute, Center of Rubber Research, at Palembang. In that institution – she is responsible for rubber breeding.

All PMB Lab staffs and associated graduate students wish her luck in her application for PhD program at IPB. We hope that she will be able to join PMB Lab. once her application to IPB is granted in 2012.

About PMB Lab: Prof. Sudarsono

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