Yuliasti of Badan Tenaga Atom Nasional (BATAN) Attended Reni Indrayanti Doctoral (PhD) Open Examination

Ibu Upik - Batan

Ir. Yuliasti, MSc. (Ibu Upik - middle) of Badan Tenaga Atom Nasional (BATAN) - an MSc (S2) alumnus of PMB Lab visited PMB Lab after attending Reni Indrayanti PhD Open Examination.

Yuliasti (Ibu Upik), one of the MSc (S2) graduate associated with PMB Lab, IPB, has attended Reni Indrayanti Doctoral (PhD) Open Examination on Tuesday, 20 December 2011. Ibu Upik is a scientist working at Badan Tenaga Atom Nasional (BATAN), Jakarta. One of her responsibility is generating soybean and mung bean mutants having better yield and more tolerance against environmental stresses through gamma irradiation.

Ibu Upik attended her MSc (S2) program at Plant Breeding and Biotechnology Major, Department of Agronomy and Horticulture, School of Graduate Program, IPB, Bogor. She did her MSc. (S2) research at PMB Lab during that period. Her MSc. (S2) thesis research title was ‘Response of five mutant lines and three cultivars of soybeans against Aluminium (Al.) toxicities in vitro or in vivo and their ability to generate somatic embryos and plantlets’. Ibu Upik completed her MSc. (S2) degree in 2007 and has returned to BATAN since then.

Part of her MSc. research findings was presented as Poster Presentation in one of the Mutation Breeding Symposium after her graduation. She was awarded Best Poster Presentation Award during that symposium.

Ibu Upik is a dedicated researcher and a mother to a couple of children. And we at PMB Lab respect her as a colleague and a friend when she visited back to PMB Lab. She always be welcomed to stop by PMB Lab anytime.

She has tried some times to find opportunity to continue her PhD (S3) study. Unfortunately, due to a number of constrains, her intend to continue her PhD (S3) studies has not succeeded yet.

All PMB Lab staffs and associated graduate students wish ibu Upik the best career at Batan and continue to be the best mother for her family. We hope that she will continue to look for and successfully find opportunity to continue her PhD study. We also hope that she will succeed in her quests to develop newer and better soybean and mung bean for Indonesian farmers.

About PMB Lab: Prof. Sudarsono

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