Dwi Guntoro – Staff of Eco-Physiology Division, Department of Agronomy, Faperta, IPB-Bogor Finally Completed His PhD Program

Dwi Guntoro

Dwi Guntoro's style and confidance in answering questions from the examiners during his PhD Final Open Examination.

Dwi Guntoro – a staff of Eco-Physiology Division, Department of Agronomy and Horticulture (AGH), Faculty of Agriculture, IPB-Bogor, INDONESIA took his PhD (S3) Open Final Examination Monday (January 16, 2012). He has worked for his PhD (S3) program since 2005. He was successful in defending his dissertation before a team of seven examiners. At the end of the exam, the examiners declared he passed his exam.

Dwi Guntoro

The member of advisory committee in Dwi Guntoro's PhD (S3) and Dean of Faculty of Agriculture, IPB - Prof. Ernan Rustandi (middle).

Dwi Guntoro’s dissertation title was: “Keragaman Morfologi dan Genetik serta Derajad Kompetensi Beberapa Aksesi Gulma Echinochloa crus-galli terhadap tanaman padi sawah (Morphological and Genetic Diversity of Echinochloa crus-galli and Its Effects on Yield of Lowland Rice).” Dwi Guntoro’s PhD (S3) advisory committee were: Prof. MA. Chozin, Dr. Edi Santosa, Dr. Soekisman Tjitrosemito, and Dr. Abdul Harris Burhan. The two external examiners in Dwi Guntoro’s open PhD (S3) examination were: Dr. Sudradjad and Prof. Abdul Karim Makarim (Puslitbangtan, Bogor).

Among many remarks that Dwi Guntoro’s said after he passed his exam, one of them was “The pressure to complete dissertation research and document in the last few months has been very heavy to me. This situation certainly affect my whole family since I became more irritated easily. This few months pressure certainly affect my family.” If the last remark was rephrased in Indonesian: “Keluarga saya ikut terkena DAMPAK dari usaha saya dalam menyelesaikan disertasi. Untuk itu saya minta maaf.”

When hearing that particular remark, Dr. Suwarto – another staff of Department of Agronomy and Horticulture (AGH) gave his comment. Dr. Suwarto said in Indonesian : “Sebetulnya tidak hanya kena DAMPAK-nya, tetapi juga kena DAMPRAT-nya.”

It is very common to PhD students of IPB that during the final stage of their study, they face such a huge pressure. It is also common that such pressure affects their family.

Dwi Guntoro

Waiting for the verdict - Dwi Guntoro, his brothers and staffs of Department of Agronomy and Horticulture, IPB.

However, since Dwi Guntoro has passed his PhD exam, we hope that he and his family will be able to eliminate the pressure and continue their normal life. Congratulation to Dwi Guntoro for his success! The Eco-physiology Division will certainly welcome you as part of the staff. They look forward to working with you, not as a PhD. (S3) graduate student anymore, but as a colleague.

All PMB Lab staffs and associated graduate students also congratulate Dwi Guntoro for his success in defending his dissertation before the examiners. We hope that Dwi Guntoro will be able to complete his dissertation document and other administrative matters soon so that he officially be declared a PhD degree.


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  1. Dewi says:

    Selamat buat Pak Dwi Guntoro, perjuangan kerasnya telah memberikan hasil yang baik. Semoga makin sukses di perjuangan berikutnya. Aaamiin

  2. dinoeradinoa says:

    Rather amusing idea

  3. Salam kenal..

    Silahkan berkunjung ke blog saya >> http://www.adrian10fajri.wordpress.com (Pesona Palembang)

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