Mirza Arsiaty Arsyad – An MSc. (S2) Student Associated with PMB Lab Met Her Advisory Committee

Mirza Arsiaty Arsyad – An MSc. (S2) Student associated with PMB Lab, Department of Agronomy and Horticulture, School of Graduate Study, IPB, Bogor-Indonesia, met her MSc. (S2) advisory committee for the first time on Wednesday, January 18-2012. In that meeting, Mirza has presented her research plans for the MSc (S2) thesis and discussed the detail of their implementation with her supervisory committee members.

The members of her MSc. (S2) supervisory committee are Prof. Sudarsono (Chairman) of PMB Lab. and Dr. Agus Purwito (member). The title of Mirza Arsiaty Arsyad’s MSc. (S2) thesis research will be: “In Vitro Zygotic Embryo Culture of “Aren” (Arenga pinnata [Wurmb].”

In her research plan, she will develop in vitro condition suitable for germinating “Aren” zygotic embryos and generating seedlings for planting materials. If it is successful, the future demand for “Aren” planting materials could be met by in vitro germinated seedlings.

To answer such questions, she will use either mature of immature “Aren” fruits, isolate the zygotic embryos, and culture them on different in vitro media composition. She may also add some type of growth regulators and different concentrations of them in the media. Hopefully, there will be a suitable medium for promoting germination and plantlet regeneration of “Aren.”

Mirza’s first advisory committee meeting run well and the advisory committee members have proposed some suggestions to improve Mirza’s plan for her MSc (S2) research. Subsequently, she need to revised the MSc. (S2) thesis research proposal and prepare for the research proposal seminar. She also need to submit the revised proposal document as one of the administrative requirements for MSc. student at IPB Graduate Program. The other more important matters is to carry out the research plan and generate enough data for her thesis.

All PMB Lab staffs and associated graduate students congratulate Mirza Arsiaty Arsyad for finishing her first MSc. (S2) advisory committee meeting. We hope that she will be able to complete all administrative matters and generate all the necessary data for her MSc. (S2) thesis.

About PMB Lab: Prof. Sudarsono

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