BREAKING NEWS: Anda Mahasiswa Perguruan Tinggi (S1, S2, atau S3)? Atau Dosen Pembimbing Mahasiswa? Baca Info ini! Mungkin Saja Menyangkut Nasib Anda ke Depan

I just learned from DIKTI Website about the requirement for students in the Indonesian universities to publish their work before graduation. This is certainly an important info that need some attention to all students (either BSc. [S1], MSc. [S2], or PhD. [S3]) and also to faculty staffs who guide the students to finish their study.

This new “Surat Edaran” from Dirjen Dikti, address to all “Rektor/Ketua/Direktur PTN/PTS” in Indonesia just come out in January 27, 2012. The reason behind this new DIKTI rule is because of the low number of scientific publications contributed by Indonesian Universities. Compare to Malaysia, Indonesia Universities only generated 1/7 (sepertujuh) of scientific publications that Malaysian counterpart produced.

Before further discussing this matter, here are the summary of new DIKTI policy on scientific publication: Before granted a graduation, university students are required to

  1. Publish one scientific publication in any scientific journal. This rule is for all undergraduate (BSc./S1) students.
  2. Publish one scientific publication in a DIKTI accredited national scientific journal (more preferred than non-accredited one). This rule is for all graduate (MSc./S2) students.
  3. Publish one scientific publication in any international scientific journal. This rule is for all graduate (PhD./S3) students.

This will certainly created a more dynamic academic atmospheres in Indonesian universities since creating scientific publications need valid ideas and sufficient scientific data. To generate sufficient scientific data may need some experiments and to do the experiments need some amount of funding. I hope that DIKTI has anticipated a way of supporting S1, S2, and S3 students to do some research activities in the form of substantial funding. That way, university students with the help of university staffs will be able to conduct some data generating (research) activities and end up with scientific publications as part of their education program. Malaysian government and other countries have supported their undergraduate and graduate students directly for that matter or indirectly through university staffs.

Another matter that need attention is availability of scientific journal in Indonesia. Many journals have existed in previous decade. However, in the 2012 period – the number of DIKTI accredited scientific journals have been limited. If students need to publish their work in scientific journals, then the number of scientific journal that can accommodate (publish) their works must be enormous. Otherwise, there will be a backlog (antrian dalam jumlah besar) of scientific manuscripts in a few number of journals waiting to be published. Since publishing in the journal is a requirement for student before graduation, it may cause longer time of study just because of waiting for the journal to publish their work.

We just have to wait and see for this funding related part from Dikti. This new policy should also encourage the previously existed scientific journals to revive their existence to anticipate the flood of scientific manuscripts from university students. We also have to wait on how each university will implement this new policy from DIKTI about scientific publication as part of academic requirements for their students.

As for you the student… better watch out and pay close attention to this matter since it will affect you chance of graduating from your university. You never know when this new policy will be enforced. However, it may be enforce by the time you are ready to graduate. So be prepared!

The complete information I quoted from Dikti Website are as follow. You may also click this link to go directly to DIKTI Website.

Kewajiban publikasi


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