New Pubilcations From Alumni of PMB Lab Come out in Jurnal Agronomy Indonesia

Two alumni of PMB Lab., Department of Agronomy and HorticultureFaculty of Agriculture, IPB-Bogor have just recently come out. The two alumni, Aprizal Zainal (currently staff at AndalasUniversity, Padang) and Reni Indrayanti (currently staff at Universitas Negeri Jakarta, Jakarta) published part of their PhD dissertation research Jurnal Agronomy Indonesia (JAI) vol. XXXIX No. 2, August 2011.

The title of their publications are:

  1. Aprizal Zainal, Aswaldi Anwar, Satriyas Ilyas, Sudarsono, dan Giyanto. 2011. Uji inokulasi dan Respons Ketahanan 38 Genotipe Tomat terhadap Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. michiganensis (Inoculation Test and Response of 38 Tomato Genotypes to Indonesian Isolates of Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. michiganensis). Jurnal Agronomi Indonesia (JAI) XXXIX (2): 85-91 (August 2011).
  2. Reni Indrayanti, Nurhayati Ansori Mattjik, Asep Setiawan, dan Sudarsono. 2011. Radiosensitivitas Pisang cv. Ampyang dan Potensi Penggunaan Iradiasi Gamma untuk Induksi Varian (Radiosensitivity of Banana cv. Ampyang and Potential Application of Gamma Irradiation for Variant Induction). Jurnal Agronomi Indonesia (JAI) XXXIX (2): 112-118 (August 2011).

All PMB Lab staffs and associated graduate students congratulate Aprizal and Reni for their success in publishing part of their dissertation. We hope that more publications will come out from their PhD. dissertation research.

About PMB Lab: Prof. Sudarsono

This blog is dedicated as a communication media among alumni associated with PMB Lab, Dept. of Agronomy and Horticulture, Fac. of Agriculture, IPB, Bogor – Indonesia. It contains various information related to alumni activities, PMB Lab’s on going activities and other related matters.
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