Sri Hartati – Research Staff at Puslitbun and A PhD Alumnus of PMB Lab. Was Invited to Darmawan Saptadi’s PhD Open Exam as External Examiner

Dr. Sri Hartati

Dr. Sri Hartati (left) of Puslitbun attended Darmawan Saptadi's Open (Final) PhD (S3) Examination as an external examiner along with Dr. Maya Melati (middle). Dr Darda Effendi (right) was the Plant Breeding and Biotechnology major representative in the exam

Dr. Ir. Sri Hartati, MS. – a research staff at “Pusat Penelitian Tanaman Perkebunan (Puslitbun)” was invited to Darmawan Saptadi’s PhD open exam as an external examiner. Sri Hartati was an alumnus of PMB Lab who graduated in 2011.

She has been very busy with her new responsibilities at Puslitbun since her graduation from IPB. Therefore, an invitation to be an external examiner for PhD (S3) candidate from IPB could be a short break for her.

Dr. Sri Hartati and Team of Examiners

Group photo of Darmawan Saptadi and the team of seven Final (Open) PhD (S3) examiners. Dr. Sri Hartati (right most) of Puslitbun was invited as external examiner in the exam.

Sri Hartati’s PhD dissertation research was about breeding to improve yield of Physic nut (Jathropa curcas). She evaluated yield potentials and other characters of Jathropa germplasm collections, made some complete dialele crosses among a number of selected parents, evaluated yield potential of the F1 arrays and for other characters to determine their heritability, and studied the tri-monoecious character in Jathropa.

She has published a number of scientific papers based on results of her dissertation research. She will be expected to publish even more results of her dissertation in the near future.

All PMB Lab staffs and associated graduate students appreciated her willingness to take part as external examiner for a Final (Open) PhD (S3) examination of a PhD candidate associated with PMB Lab. We hope that she will make positive contribution to Puslitbun.

About PMB Lab: Prof. Sudarsono

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