Aser Yalindua, an S3 (PhD.) Candidate Associated with PMB Lab, and the Gigantic “Uwi” (Dioscorea alata) Tuber

Gigantic Dioscorea alata tuber

Gigantic tuber of Dioscorea alata - the subject of Aser Yalindua dissertation research in his PhD. program at IPB. The tuber in this photo is a one meter long, 40 cm in diameter, and 10 kg in weight. The tuber is harvested seven months after planting. Prof. Sudarsono (left) and Aser Yalindua were photographed in the photo not long after the harvesting of the gigantic "Uwi" (Dioscorea alata) tuber.

This is the first time I see with my own eyes the gigantic tuber (underground storage organ) of “Uwi” (Dioscorea alata). “Uwi” is an underutilized crop and as a source of carbohydrate. In certain areas in Indonesia, “Uwi” has been used as the main carbohydrate source and the main dietary food.

Uwi” is the subject of Aser Yalindua’s PhD. dissertation research. Aser Yalindua – PhD. dissertation research characterizes “Uwi” (Dioscorea alata) germplasm collections originated from Banggai, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. He has been growing this crop for two season in Manado and one season in Bogor. His “Uwi” planting in Bogor has just been harvested in March 2012. Aser Yalindua PhD. dissertation research is under the direction of Prof. Sudarsono (Codorinator), Prof. MH. Bintoro, and Dr. Asep Setiawan.

Aser Yalindua is an S3 (PhD.) candidate working at PMB Lab, Department of Agronomy and Horticulture, Faculty of Agriculture, IPB, Bogor. He is a permanent staff of Universitas Negeri Manado, Manado-North Sulawesi, Indonesia.

All PMB Lab staffs and associated graduate students congratulate Aser Yalindua for his success in harvesting the first planting of “Uwi” in Bogor. We hope that he will be able to complete his PhD. program in IPB soon.


About PMB Lab: Prof. Sudarsono

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2 Responses to Aser Yalindua, an S3 (PhD.) Candidate Associated with PMB Lab, and the Gigantic “Uwi” (Dioscorea alata) Tuber

  1. atra says:

    Semangat pak Aser,
    Saya juga baru lihat uwi raksasa, kekayaan alam Indonesia asli, Subhanallah…….
    Tq atas informasi yang sangat menarik ini. semoga sukses

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