Meynarti Sari Dewi Ibrahim, an S3 (PhD.) Graduate Student Associated with PMB Lab Took her Written PhD. Qualifying Examination

During the period of 12-16 March 2012 – Meynarti Sari Dewi Ibrahim – an S3 student associated with PMB Lab took her first phase (written) of PhD qualifying examination. She has answered in writing a set of questions from her PhD (S3) committee members (Prof. Sudarsono [IPB], Dr. Agus Purwito [IPB], and Dr. Rubiyo [Balitka].

After five days of examination period, Meynarti Sari Dewi Ibrahim has eventually completed her written PhD qualifying examination. She has successfully answered set of questions from his PhD committee members. Subsequently, Meynarti Sari Dewi Ibrahim will need to take her second phase of PhD qualifying examination before being declared a PhD candidate.

For her PhD dissertation research, Meynarti Sari Dewi Ibrahim will investigate induced mutation and regeneration of coffee mutants that are resistance against rust disease using in vitro and ib vivo approaches. She tries to induce somatic embryogenesis from coffee explants, induced mutation through gamma irradiation of somatic embryos (SE) and or treat SE with chemical mutagen (EMS), generate mutant coffee seedlings after induced mutation treatment, either in combination with or without in vitro selection on media containing culture filtrate of fungi causing rust disease in coffee, and evaluate the response of variant seedlings against rust disease to find the resistance mutants.

All sPMB Lab staffs and the associated graduate students congratulate Meynarti Sari Dewi Ibrahim for the success in her first phase of PhD qualifying examination. We hope that she will also pass the second phase of PhD qualifying examination in due time.

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