Again – Life is So Short, the Problem is We Never Know When Our Will End

Almost everyone know the meaning when the word “Sukhoi” was mentioned in the casual conversation with Indonesian today. It refered to a Sukhoi Super Jet 100 (SSJ) airplane accident that happened near a small city called Bogor, West Java, Indonesia. The SSJ 100 flight was somehow to low and it hit the mountain (Mount Salak).

From the news in television, we all learned that possibly there will be no survivor in the plane crash. All of the 45 passengers and SSJ 100 crews may have died in the very unfortunate accident. I would like to express my condolences to all the families who lost their love one in the accident.

There are numbers of sad stories associated with this SSJ 100 airplane accident from which we may learn something. Here are some that I noted from news:

  • One of the woman who lost her husband in plane crash said that she did not know if he would be on board of SSJ 100. As usual, her husband went to work in the morning and did not say where he would be going that day. Although this woman knew that her husband was invited to take part in the SSJ 100 joy flight but she did not know that the invitation was for the day when she heard the news about the accident. She realized that she might have lost her husband forever when she got a phone call telling her that her husband was one of the passengers in the unfortunate SSJ 100 flight. Now she just have to wait for the final sad news from the forensic works confirming that her husband was one of the victim.
  • When the television aired photographs of the flight attendant (flight crews) happily posing for the camera with their smiles and beautiful faces, ones will never suspect that those are the last pictures of them. Hours after the photographs were taken, they faced a tragic accident in the SSJ 100 plane crash.
  • The SSJ 100 was piloted by a senior captain pilot who has more than 14.000 hours of flight experience. On board, there are also a co-pilot and a senior pilot trainer from Soviet Union whose flight experience are unquestionable. However, even with the three supposedly very reliable crews, the final fact indicated that SSJ 100 hit the mountain and the unfortunate accident did happen.
  • And may be many other facets of the sad stories can be added in this list, but I purposely would only cite those three stories.

So, what lesson learned that could be taken from those sad stories associated with SSJ 100 accident? I happen to remember my earlier posting that stated “LIFE IS TOO SHORT! Should not we start thinking about what have we done in our life? What positive and probably negative contributions have we made to fill our short life? How are the resultant of those acts in our life? Is it more positive or the other way around (more negative)?” The same statements were quite relevance to this posting related to SSJ 100 airplane accident.

The SSJ 100 airplane accident emphasizes more that “Our life is so short that without really knowing it, the time to close all the story of our life may lie just across the corner. At that point, we have to face the final stage, close the curtain, and meet with the end of the line (die!).” To all the victims of SSJ 100 accident, life is really too short and they have never suspect that their life’s end point lies with the time they step into the unfortunate SJ 100 airplane.

To emphasize even more – “Life is so short and the problem is we never know when our will end.” Should we know when our life will end, we would be able to prepare our departure. Unfortunately, we will not know when and where that final breath be inhaled.

With that, I would like to go back to the listed stories above and give you some of the following food for thoughts :

  • For you husband and wife who happen to work (go out or travel) in a regular fashion in your daily life, it might be good to tell to your love ones where you are planning to go and do that day. How you will go to where and what time you will leave and arrive at the destination. And may be you want to send other seemingly unimportant things/stuffs to your love one in a regular basis while you are traveling. Since life is too short and you never know when it will end, the seemingly unimportant stuffs you tell and send to your love ones may be the last memorable things they will get from you!
  • When talking about the final breath we take, we may not be able to depend on our skill and competence to get away from it. What we can do, however, is to use our skill and competence to make positive contribution to all around us as much as possible in our life. Since life is too short and you never know when it will end, anytime that time come then everyone will remember you with all the positive  contributions you have done in your short life.

To end this posting, I pray God that all the SJ 100 victims rest in peace and that all the love one left behind be strong to face this unfortunate accident. I hope that this reflection and self motivation in the middle of May 2012 be useful (bahasa: manfaat dan barokah) to all of us. I hope it can be a small piece of ‘Gading dan Belang’ that I can give to all colleagues who have the chance to read this posting.


About PMB Lab: Prof. Sudarsono

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4 Responses to Again – Life is So Short, the Problem is We Never Know When Our Will End

  1. agustiansyah says:

    Terima kasih Pak atas nasehatnya…

  2. Sudradjat says:

    Thanks Pa Sudarsono, sangat menyentuh hati.

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