Dra. Farida Yuliani, MSc. – a Representative of University of Muria Kudus (UMK) Visited Pati to Discuss Kopyor Coconut Development

Dra. Farida Yuliani MSc. – a faculty staff of University of Muria Kudus (UMK) has recently visited Pati, Central Java to explore possible collaboration in Kopyor coconut development among Dinas Kehutanan dan Perkebunan (Dishutbun), Pati, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), Bogor, dan UMK (Kudus). He was also accompanied by Ir. Haryanto, MSc., who is also a staff of UMK, Kudus.

Here are slide of some photos taken during Dra. Farida Yuliani’s visit to Pati Kopyor coconut production center in Pati, Central Java


During her visit to Pati, Mrs. Yuliani also met with Prof. Sudarsono of PMB Lab, Department of Agronomy and Horticulture, Faculty of Agriculture, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), Bogor, Indonesia. Mrs. Yuliani and Prof. Sudarsono discussed in more detail with head of Dishutbun, Pati and his staffs about the possible involvement of Mrs. Yuliani and her tissue culture lab. group into the on going research program for Pati Kopyor coconut. The discussions were focused on possible involvement of Mrs. Yuliani’s lab in producing tissue culture derived Pati Kopyor coconut seedlings.

At this moment, demand for tissue culture derived Pati Kopyor coconut seedlings by Kopyor coconut growers in Pati is picking up the momentum. Therefore, the time might be ripen for producing such seedlings to supply the demand from local farmers and from Dishutbun itself.

Currently, local farmers are producing heterozygote Kopyor coconut seedlings for supplying local and other demand for the seedlings. The disadvantage of heterozygote seedlings is they will only produce 25-50% of Kopyor coconut fruits per bunch. The other 50-75% of fruits will be normal one. The local farmers produce heterozygote Kopyor seedlings from these normal coconut fruits.

All PMB Lab staffs and associated graduate student wish Dra. Farida Yuliani, MSc. and her group success in their intention to participate in the research and development of Pati Kopyor coconut. We hope that the initiated discussion will lead to more intensive interaction among interested parties.

About PMB Lab: Prof. Sudarsono

This blog is dedicated as a communication media among alumni associated with PMB Lab, Dept. of Agronomy and Horticulture, Fac. of Agriculture, IPB, Bogor – Indonesia. It contains various information related to alumni activities, PMB Lab’s on going activities and other related matters.
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