Big Trees in Singapore and Those in Bogor: Just Have an Imaginary Conversations

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During my short visit to Singapore while on the way to attend Plant and Animal Genome (PAG) Asia 2013 Conference, I noticed the existence of big trees in the vicinities of the main road to and from Singapore Changi Airport. Suddenly, I remembered the trees existed in Bogor areas. Looking at them in my imaginary mind, I mumbled: “Why and how they are so different.” Well… I am back in Indonesia and stuck with my daily activities again without having the answer to my own questions.

Later on, in my imaginary world, I happened to have a chit-chat with the trees growing in Singapore (ST) and those in Bogor (BT). Here were the imaginary conversations between me, Singaporean Trees (ST) and Bogor Trees (BT):

Me:How is life in Singapore?” I asked the Singaporean trees (ST) in a casual conversation, just like old friends who have not seen each other for so long.

ST: “Very good, actually.”

Me: “I see that you have grown very healthy. It seems like you have grown vigorously and groomed very nicely.”

ST: “Well, you know… the tree attendant (Note: Tree attendant is the person who takes care of the trees in Singapore) took care of me very well. He did a very good job in shaping my main branches so that they grow well evenly. Once in a while, my minor branches are also pruned so that my roots and trunk (with branches and leaves) are balanced. My tree colleagues and I are hardly experiencing un-rooting even under severe weather. That is because I have a well maintained roots that can keep me stand up even under severe weather.”

ST: “To summarize, as you can see yourself – I really very much like it to live in Singapore. I am very lucky.”

Me: “I would not disagree with your assessment, considering what I have seen in you and your tree friends.”

I turned to the trees who live in Bogor (BT) and asked similar questions:
Me: “How is life in Bogor?”

BT: “Although it is OK, I would not complain if I could find better conditions around here.”

Me: “What do you mean by that?”

BT: “Well… just for you to know, I do contribute a number of positive things to the livelihood of your kind. I just wished that you treat my kind (the trees) well in return.”

Me: ”Really…… ?”

BT: “Just to let you know, we can cool down your living spaces with our branches. Moreover, we contribute to the production of Oxygen (O2) that is essential to your kind (human) existence.”

Me: “Really…… ?”

BT: “Considering many of the positive things my kind have contributed, what have I gained in return?”

NOTE: She did not really want me to answer her question!

BT: “My fellow ‘STs’ are really lucky to have the tree attendant come and tend them regularly. In Bogor, most of the time the attendant come to visit us is whenever there is one of us get up-rooted or fell down. In such a case, that is the end of us! They will cut us down without mercy.”

Me: “Really….. ?”

BT: “You know, what is bothering us BT – they often time, for so many simple reasons, cut off our roots that actually give us strength to stand up. What is even more bothering us, they do not pay attention to our upper body part. If they cut down our roots, they should have pruned down our branches as well to make it balanced! Somehow for such a simple thing, your kinds did not know or they did not care,” continued BT. “If that happens all the time, it is just a matter of time for us to get up-rooted because of the imbalance.”

NOTE: More branches and less roots will results in the tree to easily be up-rooted.

Me: “Really….. ?”

BT: “Anyway, if you really have a lot of time – we could have had more talk about my life in Bogor. But I know you can not live in an imaginary worlds for too long. You have to face reality. So….. hush… hush… and go! We may see each other again, sometimes.”

NOTE: The BT said that last sentences while pushing me and my body away as if she want me to wake up.
In between conscious and unconscious stage, I vaguely heard a presenter of a TV Channel in the news report mentioning something, I was not quite sure what it was but it had something to do with the phrase “Earth Day” or somethings. I got startled and stood up from my sitting position to realize that today was Earth Day as the news anchors of the TV station described. Lets contribute whatever we can to save the Earth. Happy Earth Day !

About PMB Lab: Prof. Sudarsono

This blog is dedicated as a communication media among alumni associated with PMB Lab, Dept. of Agronomy and Horticulture, Fac. of Agriculture, IPB, Bogor – Indonesia. It contains various information related to alumni activities, PMB Lab’s on going activities and other related matters.
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