Fetrina Oktavia: New Nucleotide Sequences of Internal Transcribed Spacers (ITS) of Corynespora casiicola

Self PhotoFetrina Oktavia is one of the PhD student associated with PMB Lab. For her PhD dissertation, she investigated the interaction among various rubber clones (Hevea brassiliensis) and Corynespora casiicola, the fungal agent causing leaf disease in rubber trees. As part of her PhD dissertation research, she evaluated a number of C. casiicola accessions from various places in Indonesia.

Part of her characterization includes sequencing of the “18S rDNA, partial of ITS1, complete of 5.8S rDNA, partial of ITS2” genomic fragments from 23 isolates of C. casiicola. She deposited the sequences in the NCBI GenBank DNA Database under the following accession numbers: KP759967, KP759968, KP759969, KP759970, KP759971, KP759972, KP759973, KP759974, KP759975, KP759976, KP759977, KP759978, KP759979, KP759980, KP759981, KP759982, KP759983, KP759984, KP759985, KP759986, KP759987, KP759988, and KP759989.

Once it is individually examined and processed by the GenBank annotation staff to make sure that it is free of errors or problems, the sequence accessions will immediately be available in the database.

These submissions should add some contributions of PMB Lab to the DNA database. PMB Lab staffs and associated graduate students congratulate Fetrina Oktavia for the job well done. We will be looking forward to seeing more contributions from your PhD dissertation research.

About PMB Lab: Prof. Sudarsono

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1 Response to Fetrina Oktavia: New Nucleotide Sequences of Internal Transcribed Spacers (ITS) of Corynespora casiicola

  1. fetrina oktavia says:

    Thank you very much for all support Prof…

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