Q&A in AGH635 Course: In ISSR Marker Analysis – What is Called the Locus and What is the Allele?

AGH635-2015: Part 2 of Lecture 3: ISSR Marker

Plant Molecular Biology Lab, IPB, Bogor

In a Q & A session of the AGH635 lecture, one of the student asked the following question: “Was the term loci and alleles also applicable when one discussed about ISSR (Inter Simple Sequence Repeat) marker? What were the loci and what  were the allele in the ISSR marker analysis?”

Let me just remind you the previous posting, the term locus (pl.: loci) was a common terminology associated with a location in the genome of an organism. In the Mendelian genetics, the term of a locus controlling flower color clearly described a location somewhere in the genome associated with gene(s) controlling the flower color character. Meanwhile, the term allele was associated with alternative gene products resided in certain locus. In the above example, a gene product controlling a red flower color was an allele of flower color locus. Alternatively, the other allele for this locus was the gene product…

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