Q&A in AGH635 Course: “What Have Caused Allele Diversities in ISSR Marker?”

AGH635-2015: Part 3 of Lecture 3. ISSR Marker

Plant Molecular Biology Lab, IPB, Bogor

In a Q & A session of the AGH635 lecture, one of the student asked me the following question: “What have caused allele diversity in ISSR marker?” The answer to this question was actually similar to one of RAPD marker that has previously been posted.

First, let’s recall what was the locus and what was allele in ISSR marker. In ISSR marker, just like in RAPD, one define the locus as “the primer used to generate ISSR and the size of the generated amplified product.” Let’s assume an ISSR primer was used to amplify genomic DNA of cacao, and there were three amplified products (550, 700, and 1100 bp, respectively). In this case, the primer was able to generate ISSR markers at three different loci, namely: (1) ISSR-550, (2) ISSR-700, and (3) ISSR-1100, respectively. As it has been discussed before, for each of the ISSR locus, there…

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