Lect. Summary

Plant Genetic Engineering

This lecture discusses theoretical and practical application of plant genetic engineering techniques in relation to agricultural biotechnology. Basic principle and techniques related to plant genetic engineering will be introduced in the lecture activities. Application of natural plant genetic engineer (Agrobacterium tumefaciens), gene gun (particle gun)-mediated gene transfer, and other genetic transformation techniques to regenerate transgenic plants will be discussed. This lecture will also introduce a number of plasmid vectors and marker genes commonly used in plant genetic engineering. Utilization of plant genetic engineering approach to overcome various problems in agriculture, such as: development of transgenic lines that are herbicide resistance, insect and disease resistance; development of transgenic lines with better quality of grains, legumes, and fruits, and its utilization for molecular farming. A number of laboratory activities and focus group discussions will also be conducted in the lab part of AGH634, to illustrate the theoretical parts to AGH634 participants.

AGH634 is a 3 (2-3) credit course consisting of two credits lecture and a one credit lab activities, respectively. AGH634 is offered during the even semester every year. Any prospective graduate student who want to participate in this lecture may contact Prof. Sudarsono at s_sudarsono@ymail.com for detail information regarding the contents of the lecture and other related matters.

Yahoogroups at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rek_gen_tan/ has also been set up as a communication medium among lecturer and AGH634 participants. Access to this group require a membership and the membership is by invitation only. Contact Prof. Sudarsono through email if any one is interested to join the rek_gen_tan group.

AGH634 Team Lecturers:
Prof. Dr. Ir. Sudarsono, MSc. (Coordinator)
Dr. Ir. Darda Effendi, MSc. (Member)

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