Lect. Summary

Molecular & Cellular Analysis in Plant Breeding

This lecture discuss theoretical and practical application of bio-molecular and cellular techniques to support plant breeding program. Basic theory of recombination and population development that are necessary for understanding genetic analysis at the molecular level will be discussed in class. A number of cellular and molecular techniques associated with plant breeding will also be discussed in this lecture. The example of cellular techniques include: wide hybridization, in vitro mutation, haploid breeding, and protoplast fusion. The role of these cellular techniques to broaden genetic diversities of crop germplasm will be illustrated. The example of molecular techniques include: RAPD and other PCR based-markers, SSR marker, AFLP marker, and SSCP marker. Utilization of these molecular marker techniques in relation to genetic diversity analysis, plant genome mapping, gene tagging and to support plant breeding activities will be illustrated. In addition to lecture, laboratory activities in the form of either simulation, group discussion, and practical molecular data analysis will be done to obtain in-depth understanding for a number of discussed topics in the lecture part.

AGH635 is a 3 (2-3) credit course consisting of two credits lecture and a one credit lab activities, respectively. AGH635 is offered during the odd semester every year. Any prospective graduate student who want to participate in this lecture may contact Prof. Sudarsono at s_sudarsono@ymail.com for detail information regarding the contents of the lecture and other related matters.

Yahoogroups at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/agh635_tekmolsel/ has also been set up as a communication medium among lecturer and AGH635 participants. Access to this group require a membership and the membership is by invitation only. Contact Prof. Sudarsono through email if any one is interested to join the group.

AGH635 Team Lecturers:
Prof. Dr. Ir. Sudarsono, MSc. (Coordinator)
Dr. Ir. Hajrial Aswidinnoor, MSc. (Member)
Dr. Ir. Asep Setiawan, MS. (Member)

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  1. Sunil Joshi says:

    helo, i am Sunil from India, I have Completed M.Sc. (Ag.) seed science & Technology, M.Phil(Ag.) and I have more than two year of Work experience in indian Council of Agricultural Research and Ngo, Company sector too. I want to know about phd cource from your institution.

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