AGH637. Fisbiosel

Plant Cellular Physiology and Biology

This lecture discuss three main topics, such as: (1) The physiology and biology of cells associated with plant tissue culture, (2) Analysis of regulation of plant gene expression, and (3) Signal transduction mechanism associated with plant cell/responses against internal and external factors.

In the Topic (1), discussion will be on (i) ultra structure of cyto-physiology, in vitro cell regeneration, in vitro & in vivo senescence and stress and (ii) vitrification – a morphology and physiology phenomena, and effects of environment factors on in vitro morphogenesis.

In the Topic (2), discussions will be on various topics related to plant gene expression, such as: (i) genome organization and general overview of regulation of gene expression in the mitochondrial, chloroplast, and nuclear genomes, (ii) Special topics on regulation of gene expression associated with male sterility, self incompatibility, plant organ development, regulation of gene expression – triggered by hormone and environmental factors (light and stresses), associated with nitrogen fixation and pathogens’ responses.

In the Topic (3), discussions will be on mechanisms of signal transduction in relation to cell/tissue responses against hormone, light, biotic and abiotic stresses, respectively.

AGH637 is a 3 (2-3) credit course consisting of two credits lecture and a one credit lab activities, respectively. AGH637 is offered during the even semester every year. Any prospective graduate student who want to participate in this lecture may contact Prof. Nurhayati A. Mattjik at Department of Agronomy and Horticulture for detail information regarding the contents of the lecture and other related matters.

AGH637 Team Lecturers:

Prof. Dr. Ir. Nurhayati A. Mattjik, MSc. (Coordinator)
Dr. Ir. Nurul Khumaida, MSc. (Member)
Prof. Dr. Ir. Sudarsono, MSc. (Member)

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