Lalu Firman Budiman (MSc. Student – Entry Year 2012)

Lalu Firman Budiman is an employee of Astra Agro Lestari (AAL), the major estate company working with oil palm industry in Indonesia. For his MSc. degree, he joins PMB Lab. in the year 2012. He is an MSc. student in the Plant Breeding and Biotechnology (PBT) major, IPB Graduate Program, IPB.

His area of research interest is application of molecular markers (SSR) for genetic diversity analysis. The crop he intends to work for his MSc. thesis is oil palm. The title of Firman’s MSc. thesis is “.”

Firman’s supervisory committee members for the MSc. thesis is: Prof. Dr. Ir. Sudarsono, MSc. (chairmen) and Dr. Ir. Adi Pancoro, MSc. of ITB, Bandung (member). Firman will conduct most of his MSc. thesis research at AAL Molecular Biology R & D Lab. in Kalimantan and probably do the data analysis at PMB Lab, Department of Agronomy & Horticulture, Faculty of Agriculture, IPB. The AAL Oil Palm Genetic Diversity Project funds Firman’s MSc. thesis research. Firman will have the time to complete his MSc. program and to graduate until July 2015.

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