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Coconuts: Use them or lose them

There are so many different coconut germplasms found on many different islands across the archipelago. Indonesians have benefited from the existence of such germplasms since long ago, but in the years to come, things could change unless we utilize them. Continue reading

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What a Happy Start of the Day – When You Wake Up and Realized that Your Work Is Appreciated!

“Meskipun telah terfikirkan berkali-kali, tetapi lebih banyak kali belum dapat terealisasikan. Tetapi akhirnya, dapat juga terwujud dan terkumpul keberanian untuk menindaklanjutinya.” Itulah yang terjadi dengan diri saya selama ini, dalam kaitannya dengan usaha untuk menyebarluaskan pemikiran lewat tulisan di koran. … Continue reading

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Visits to Ambon – Seeing “Kenari” and “Parang” Coconut at BBP2TP Ambon Office

High diversity of coconut are present in Eastern part of Indonesia, especially at Moluccas and North Moluccas. During my visit to BBP2TP Ambon, I come across with two unique coconut lines. They are: (1) “Kenari” coconut and “Parang” coconut.

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