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Walter Ajambang Nchu from Cameroon – an MSc. (S2) Alumni Associated with PMB Lab – IPB

Walter Ajambang Nchu was an MSc. (S2) alumnus associated with PMB Lab., Department of Agronomy, Fac. Agriculture, IPB. He has gotten his MSc. (S2) about a year or two ago. For his MSc. (S2) degree, he studied genetic diversities among … Continue reading

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Zulhermana of Sampoerna Agro Visited PMB Lab

While visiting ‘Pusat Penelitian dan Pengembangan Bioteknologi Perkebunan‘, Ir. Zulhermana, MS. of Sampoerna Agro (SA), stopped by PMB Lab in May 10, 2011. Ir. Zulhermana, MS, was an alumnus of Agronomy Graduate Program (MSc./S2 Program) who worked in diversity of … Continue reading

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