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Dr. Sukendah of UPN Veteran Jawa Timur Has Been Appointed as Secretary of LPPM

All PMB Lab staffs, associated graduate students, and alumni are always proud when we hear the success story of PMB Lab associated S2/S3 alumni in their returned to their home institutions. We at PMB Lab are always happy to share … Continue reading

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Sukendah Got Support for Her International Collaboration Research

Congratulation to Dr. Sukendah, a PhD alumnus associated with PMB Lab, for her success in getting the support from Ministry of National Education for her international collaborative research. Her research project entitle “Development of Sustainable Agroforestry System of Sengon (Albizzia … Continue reading

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ISNAR C2FS Was Successfull – Congratulation to Sukendah & Her Colleagues

International Seminar on Climate Change and Food Security (ISNAR C2FS) was successfully organized at Surabaya. Congratulation to Sukendah and her colleagues who organized the seminar. The international seminar attracted more than 220 participants from at least five different countries, including … Continue reading

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Sukendah of UPN Veteran Visited PMB Lab

Dr. Sukendah of UPN Veteran, East Java visited PMB Lab in May 6, 2011. Dr. Sukendah was an alumnus of Agronomy Graduate Program who worked in induction of somatic embryo of ‘Kopyor’ coconut and molecular analysis of genes associated with … Continue reading

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